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Between Houston and Galveston along Route 6 is the city of Santa Fe. Set in the western part of Galveston County, this charming city entices everyone who visits. Residents of Santa Fe are especially enchanted by their home town, and they know that living here means they have the best opportunities around. The community amenities in Santa Fe rival those of other small towns in the area, so residents certainly benefit from planned growth and continued success.

Santa Fe real estate is completely taking the area by storm and home buyers are lining up to be first to check out what’s on the market. With a range of styles and prices, the homes for sale in Santa Fe are crowding out the competition. Home buyers simply can’t wait to get their hands on Santa Fe real estate.

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Santa Fe’s population is approximately 13,000 residents and it is located approximately 20 miles northwest of Galveston and 35 miles southeast of downtown Houston. It is bordered by Dickenson and League City in the north, La Marque in the east, unincorporated Galveston County in the south and Algoa in the west. While Route 6 is the main road through town, residents are also close to I-45 and Route 35 so they can get around for education, work or recreation.

Historically, Santa Fe was formed out of three smaller unincorporated towns in the early 20th century. Named after the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway, the new community was focused on trade, agriculture and small business. Today, Santa Fe is a lovely bedroom community and supports retail and small businesses throughout the city. Residents can find what they need through the conveniences that are just a part of life in Santa Fe.

All kinds of community amenities await Santa Fe residents and they benefit people of every age. The public schools are managed by the Santa Fe Independent School District and include two elementary schools, Santa Fe Junior High and Santa Fe High School. The public library is open for all residents to enjoy in their spare time, and even to learn a thing or two. Santa Fe’s police and fire department will do what it takes to keep everyone secure and safe. City parks are delightful and include places to picnic, jog, play sports and more. All in all, there’s not much to dislike about all the fine things that Santa Fe has in store.

There are lots of things for residents to see and do in Santa Fe. Of course, the city parks like Runge Park, Hayes Grace Memorial Park and many more. Other attractions include Haak Vineyards and Winery and Santa Fe Old School Museum. The restaurants, beaches and more are just a short drive away in Galveston, so residents can always find something to do on a weekend.

Home buyers are certainly doing the right thing when they check out the homes for sale in Santa Fe. It’s going to be a big surprise to them when they find the home they’ve always wanted among the homes for sale in Santa Fe. In order to start living the life they’ve always wanted, home buyers are going to have to make some Santa Fe real estate their own.